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Accompanying you in moments shared and solo

Ceramics made to be interwoven into your everyday life.

Meet Jenna Archer

My desire is to create handcrafted ceramics that allow you to experience pleasures in ordinary moments, inspires you to gather those closest to you for connection, and facilitates the creation of memories.


I love the intimacy that working with clay offers and its ability to create handcrafted functional ceramics. 


Along with being an artist, I am an engineer. mother to two young children, cycling and adventure enthusiast, and have a passion for exploring the world and all of its cultures. I choose to leave my career as an engineer to focus on our family and my art.


Ceramics can hold your stories and the stories of many generations before. When I open my cupboards, I see my family, friends, mentors, and all the places I’ve travelled, which brings me immense joy. 

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