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Crave Cupcake x Jenna Archer Ceramic Mug Collaboration

I was thrilled when the Crave Cupcake team connected with me to work on a ceramic mug collaboration project together. I love working with other entrepreneurs, makers, artisans, and creatives to create magic together. It fuels my soul and allows me the opportunity to connect with my community.

Why the Collaboration

When I work on collaborations with other brands, I look for an alignment of core values. Crave exists to help people connect and inspire sharing moments with others no matter how big or small. Crave also plays a role in marking important moments and adding joy to the everyday. Having aligned values with wanting to make people's lives more beautiful, and encouraging connection through shared moments created a synergetic and fun collaboration.

The Ceramic Mug Design

The blue sprinkle design on the mugs was selected as a reminder to celebrate all of the little things in life. Crave believes in old-fashioned fresh baking, working hard, supporting one another, and baking the best cupcakes they can - which all deserve to be celebrated. These mugs are to be used for all your life's daily celebrations.

I had the opportunity to ask Crave Co-Founders, Carolyne McIntyre Jackson and Jodi Willoughby, a few questions - see our discussion below:

Jenna: Why does Crave choose to collaborate with local artisan and makers?

Crave: We choose to collaborate with local artisans and makers, because we love local! Crave is a local Calgary business and we look to fill our bakeries retail shelves with local giftware and party supplies.

Jenna: What inspires you about collaborating with local businesses?

Crave: The Crave team always finds inspiration in our communities. We showcase businesses not only in Calgary, but in Edmonton and Saskatoon, where we also operate bakeries out of. Whether it’s at work or out in the community, we embody a spirit of belonging and gratitude, paying forward good fortune wherever we can.

Jenna: How do you incorporate handcrafted ceramics into your life in shared or solo moments?

Crave: There are many ways we love using our Jenna Archer x Crave mugs. To wind down with a warm drink at the end of a busy day, cozying up in the colder months and for gathering those closest to you to create beautiful memories together.

Jenna: Where do you discover local artisans and handcrafted goods?

Crave: We discover local artisans and crafted goods from our friends and family, local markets, and being out in the community.

Jenna: What is your favorite part of your day?

Carolyne: Early morning – I love waking up early getting a work out in, then going through my emails while drinking a cup of coffee and setting a focus for the day.

Jodi: Supper time when my family is all together after a busy day – we always try to eat dinner together.

Quick Rapid Fire:

1) One word to describe life at Crave Cupcake: Carolyne: Crave-o-licious!

Jodi: Crave-o-licious!

2) Favorite Crave cupcake: Carolyne: Just Chocolate

Jodi: Coconut Vanilla

3) Coffee or Tea: Carolyne: Coffee

Jodi: Coffee

4) Current song on repeat: Carolyne: Save Your Tears, The Weekend

Jodi: Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw and I Ain’t Worried, One Republic

5) Favorite fall activity:

Carolyne: Walking by the river and watching the leaves turn

Jodi: Walking in Fish Creek and seeing everything turn to Autumn colours

For a peak at how the mugs were created, here is a process video I think you will enjoy. And make sure to read the Crave's Fall Simply Sweet magazine that features the sprinkle mugs.

Stop in at your local Crave Cupcake location to shop these beautiful ceramic mugs. I love the opportunity to collaborate with other businesses. If you're interested in a collaboration, let's connect and make some magic.

Love + Cupcakes



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