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Bringing Joy Through Workshops

Ball of clay held in hand, Jenna Archer, Calgary, Canada

I never imagined when I signed up for my first ceramic workshop that it would lead me to become a ceramic artist. Now, I am conducting workshops to share my creative passion with others.

In March 2020, I conducted my first workshop for Grade 3-5 students at River Valley school in Calgary. The students' creativity amazed me as they built a variety of animals, characters and small dishes. It was a pleasure to be invited into a school atmosphere to share my creative talent. The experience taught me a lot about how to structure a workshop and content to teach.

This past spring, during COVID isolation, I had the joy of teaching several workshops to children virtually. Each student received a unique workshop package packed with clay, tools, and paints to allow them an opportunity to explore the world of clay. All the virtual workshops were completed through FaceTime to offer instructions and engagement. During the virtual workshops, the children worked on several handbuilding projects - small pinch bowls and mugs. They also learnt about where clay is sourced, the process of creating to completing a piece, and how to decorate creations. It was an absolute pleasure to share creative energy and bring joy into their lives. This experience is also great for children who are homeschooled. I will be continuing to offer virtual session this fall.

I’m looking forward to conducting more workshops for children within schools and opening up my studio for small private throwing and handbuilding classes. During workshops, I guide students through the basic skills of handbuilding/wheel throwing and demonstrate decorating techniques.

I also conduct workshops for birthday parties, ladies' nights, and date nights. I have a variety of creative projects for kids and adults alike. I would love to hear from you if you're planning a special event and want to add a creative element.

Attending workshops are a wonderful way to foster creativity and learn a new skill. Through the workshops I teach, I hope to bring joy and spark curiosity. And maybe add one handbuilt ceramic mug to your cupboard.

Love + Creativity



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