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My Ceramic Studio: Tour

Handmade ceramics, Jenna Archer Ceramics, Calgary, Canada

I am grateful to have a studio in my home where I produce modern ceramic tableware and smokeware products. In this blog, I share a bit about my studio set-up and facts about my operations.

In 2015, I was fortunate to discover a ceramic artist who was retiring and looking to sell her studio equipment to a developing artist. I received a Shimpo wheel, Skutt kiln, extruder, pugmil, slab roller, glaze ingredients, raku equipment, tools, and a large stack of books. I was bit overwhelmed at first but extremely excited to set-up my own space.

My studio is approximately 150sqft and is equipped with a shelving unit for tools and materials, potter's wheel and stool, large work table with underneath shelving and a crezon board top, slab roller, kiln, and two shelving units - one for pieces in process and one for finished pieces. Adjacent to my studio, I have a packing station equipped with a large table, packing paper, boxes, and a shelving unit filled with business cards, scissors, tape, stamps, ribbon, and bags. I tried to layout my studio to follow the flow of production to sales because to reduce the number of steps I take and to keep the pieces moving through my studio fluidly.

Perhaps the most cherished piece of equipment in my studio is my large table that was originally my great grandparents dining table, then converted into my grandma’s painting work table by my grandpa, and now transformed into my working table in my studio. Many pieces of clay have been wedged on the table, slabs rolled, and pieces finished on this table. Most amazing - many hands have been created and connected at this table.

I primarily use the potter’s wheel to create modern ceramic tableware - mugs, casseroles, bowls, cups, and dog dishes. I use a variety of hand building techniques for small pieces. I purchase clay and raw glaze materials from manufactures - making clay and formulating glaze recipes is currently not in my area of expertise. All the pieces go through my kiln at least twice - once for a bisque firing, then glaze is applied, and then they are fired again. If gold luster is applied, the pieces are then fired for a third time.

Below are some studio facts that will hopefully help you understand more about the functional ceramics I create and help you along your buying journey:

Are all your products really handmade?

Yes, all products are either handthrown on my potter’s wheel or handbuilt from slabs.

What materials are your pieces made from?

All ceramics are made from porcelain clay glazed with manufacture formulated glazes. All glazes used are lead free and food safe.

Are all products microwave and dishwasher safe?

Yes, all products are microwave, dishwasher, oven, and freezer safe.

Do I accept custom orders?

Yes I am currently accepting custom orders.

Do I offer sets of dishes?

Yes, everything on my site starts off as individually sold. But if you order eight or more, a 15% discount code can be offered (contact me for code).

Do I offer my products for wholesale?

Yes, please complete the wholesale application on my website. I will review your application and provide you access with my online wholesale shop. I am happy to work with retailers on wholesale orders.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, I ship worldwide.

Do you offer workshops?

Yes, I have a variety of workshop offerings - in studio wheel throwing and handbuiling, ladies’ nights, birthday parties, virtual sessions, and in school programs. If you want to learn more, check out my website.

What is the vibe in your studio?

Upbeat and peaceful. I love working in my studio - it's my sanctuary. I often have a good playlist on while I work and am sipping a cup of tea (that always goes cold before I finish it).

I hope you enjoyed learning about my studio set-up and studio facts. If you have any questions about my studio, I would love to hear from you.

Love + Studio Vibes



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