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Selling Ceramics on Etsy

ceramic mug painted being held, Jenna Archer Ceramics, Calgary, Canada

I first launched my ceramic Etsy shop at the end of 2019. The shop was easy to create - shop profile, product listings, photos, and shop policy. Now with my shop, I can easily access shoppers from around the world searching for handmade modern pottery.

I love the ability to connect with customers through my Etsy shop, manage my orders, print shipping labels, and chat with customers about their purchase. The Etsy app also makes managing my shop on-the-go possible. My favorite part of having an Etsy shop is receiving a message from a customer once they've received their purchase - I love hearing how much they enjoy their new ceramics or receiving photos of the handmade pieces in their new home. Warms my heart.

I did have some concerns about being found as a modern ceramic artist on the Etsy platform, as it is quite crowded with hundreds of other ceramic artists. However, having great photographs, detailed descriptions, and offering unique products helps being found. My best selling products on Etsy are my ceramic pipes, mugs, and dog dishes. I am grateful to have sold products from east to west coast Canada and US, and as far as Singapore.

I'm still playing around with features on my shop such as key search words, product offerings, and shipping cost. Currently, I offer free shipping in North America on all my products to entice buyers to make the purchase. I believe this has helped my sales but more testing still required.

For anyone considering taking their handcrafted art online, I highly recommend starting an Etsy shop. It's a great way to test your products, gain feedback, and make some sales. For those searching for unique handcrafted art, check out the many shops on Etsy. You will definitely discover some beautiful products. While you are browsing, check out my Etsy shop!

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