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Ceramics During Your Retreat from Everyday: Stix Cabin

Journal and pottery mug at cabin retreat
Retreat with pottery mug and journal at Stix Cabin

Stix Cabin is a modern retreat nestled into the forest of the Rocky Mountains near Nordegg, Alberta.

It's a place for adventure, restoration, and rekindled connection to nature, as well as each other. It's also a place for you to disconnect from your daily life and reconnect with the surroundings. During your stay there, you will enjoy the carefully curated interior and locally crafted everyday comfort items to elevate your stay.

Stix was very intentional with the design of the cabin and the desired experience they want to offer to guests. Part of the experience offered by Stix is showcasing local Alberta artisans with everyday products that a guest may use during their stay. I was delighted when Whitney Robinson, Stix Owner Operator and Visionary, contacted me regarding designing and making ceramic mugs for the cabin and their shop. I love that their guests can use handcrafted ceramic mugs while curled up next to the fire enjoying everyday moments at the cabin. To learn more about the ceramic mugs handmade for Stix Cabin, check out the About section of the website.

I had the opportunity to chat with Whitney and I thought I would share our conversation with you.

Jenna: Describe what it's like to stay at the Stix Cabin and the experience guests can expect.

Whitney: Our guests are so much better at describing it than I am (see our reviews highlight - on our website)! The experience I have tried to create at Stix is the solitude of a BnB in the woods with the luxurious aesthetic of a cool hotel. Waking up in a comfy bed with crisp white sheets but staring out at the towering forest through expansive windows. We cover all the bases and then some when it comes to amenities and try to think of every detail during your stay. Providing all the essentials and none of the clutter. My preferred spot and a crowd favorite is the screened deck. Full of light and surrounded by nature but protected from the elements. Cozying up here with a good book or conversation with a loved one around the fire table can’t be beat.

Jenna: Why does Stix Cabin choose to collaborate with local artisan and makers?

Whitney: I think collaborating with artisans brings further intention to the space. Some items are even custom to the cabin. It was important for me to showcase Alberta made and support small businesses wherever possible. As a designer, I enjoyed curating these items that fit perfectly. I think there is more to a property than its four walls, it’s also the everyday items that we use within them. So why not make them special!

Jenna: How do you incorporate handcrafted ceramics into your life in shared or solo moments?

Whitney: I learned how to throw ceramics around seven years ago and was a member of a studio for a few years following. During that time, I made many pieces for friends and family and kept a variety for myself. My own ceramic collection consists of pieces I made and ones that I have collected over the years from other makers. They range from mugs in where I sip my morning chai, serving bowls that are filled when hosting, and my pen holder that sits on my bedside table for journaling.

Jenna: What is your favorite part of your day?

Whitney: I love a slow morning. Time for cuddles, a warm drink, and self-care.

Quick Rapid Fire:

1) One word to describe life at Stix Cabin: Serene

2) Coffee or Tea: Tea

3) Current song on repeat: Rappers Delight - The Sugar Hill Gang

I hope you have the opportunity to treat yourself to a stay at Stix Cabin for adventure, connection to nature, and time for self-care. To book your stay or check-out the cabin, go to or on Social @stixcabin. While you're at the cabin, make sure to enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea in the handcrafted ceramic mugs - shop the handcrafted mugs at Stix Cabin here.

Love + Nature



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