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Handcrafted ceramics designed to make the everyday a little more beautiful.

Contemporary Ceramics.
Handcrafted and carefully designed for both form and function. 

Working with clay is a spiritual experience as there is a meditative and therapeutic quality to the material. There is a soothing calmness that comes with the repetitive motions of wheel throwing, and by the clay’s ability to be transformed.  

Jenna Archer is an emerging Canadian Ceramic Artist who works in porcelain, and uses bold and playful designs. Her contemporary pottery encourage connection with self and others. Her works is enjoyed in many homes around the world. 




Whether it's a morning coffee or sharing birthday cake with a friend, our handcrafted ceramic mugs are designed to be interwoven with your everyday life.

A variety of bold and playful designs - perfect for your every and current mood. 

ceramic mugs

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